Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Feeling Great and Loosing Weight!!

Sorry it has been a bit since I last posted. I have been kind of busy cleaning up the mess from the business I started.  I have a lot of plans for it now that I am seeing results. I have only lost 4 pounds in the almost two weeks I have been on the products but i have lost 5 and a half inches.

I have a ton of energy most days. Nothing really helps when I don't sleep (like on Sunday night when my neighbors thought fireworks till 3am was okay). I am sharing one of my favorite Pink videos with you today for some reason this video makes me want to get up and move.

I love the Herbalife products and if you want to try some here is my website  www.shopherbalife.com/csund. I am so glad to have more energy because I do like to work out I just have not had the energy to do it lately.

Career Plans

Well my new plans for a great career are to get my but in shape and then maybe get a certificate in personal training. I have been looking into a few different education programs but none of them are as expensive as more college.

The thinking behind this madness is that I want to help people, hence the 4 year social work degree. If you have read this book at all about a year ago I was looking at being a life coach but that didn't work out because it seemed like I needed an expensive education for a "certificate" not a degree and I started to wonder if anyone would pay for those services here in a severely depressed economy.

Then I found Herbalife products and I was thinking how can I maximize my sales and create an ongoing relationship with clients. Then I started thinking how can I use my degree to make this work. So I really have no idea where to start with this but I am calling myself a wellness consultant. I am going to read up on nutrition not just in the form of the products I sell. I am going when we can afford it take the courses to become a personal trainer and possibly some nutrition courses if that is not covered. I am going to be come a well rounded wellness coach and I am starting with practicing what I am going to teach. You can't have a personal trainer that is 30 pounds over weight......Oh wait I am not that much over weight now I am only about 16 pounds from a good healthy weight and about 26 from my goal weight.

So I have to plan a map of my new goals starting with how to turn my dining room into a small gym. I have a few ideas up my sleeve for cheap stuff that works. I am going to keep checking craigslist for great equipment. I have an elliptical and I can put something else in that room but we have to install the a/c unit. We could use a new treadmill and a stationary bike. I would love a compact and nice weight machine but that is something for the future. My first piece of equipment will be a free standing punching bag  I can get a pretty nice one for about a 130 and then some gloves. So my first sales goal is to pay for that piece of equipment. Then I am going to work to pay for my education and the average price is 500-1200 dollars for the entire thing depending on the program you choose.

Well if nothing else it helps me stay motivated to stay on the program I am on and get this extra weight off have fun everyone I must run and get a killer leg work out in and a long treadmill walk on a high incline to get the heart pumping see you soon.

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  1. I am happy for you, I hope the good things continue to come.

    Stay positive!