Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When Life is Good Why Must I Get Sick

Where Does All the Snot Come From?

I started feeling bad on Thursday of last week. I was helping my mom clean and I thought my throat was on fire and it was hard to swallow with all the sinus drainage. My mom was preparing for my aunt and uncle who were coming from Florida.

The next day was worse but I went and worked on the farm despite the fiery throat and nasty snot. Again the next day worse but I went to plant a garden and my moms because the plants were started and it needed to be done before it rained again. Then I had to finish planting and go to a family function on Sunday but I did get to rest in the evening.
 I woke up Monday with more snot than a human should be able to produce with an inability to stop blowing my noes. I skipped farm work on Monday and made it up Tuesday because I felt better. Unfortunately working yesterday seems to have made today worse.

Today I don't plan to do any physical labor. I need to recover because I have to be back at the farm by Friday. I am working for food so it needs to be done. With my hubby laid off the only way I cam afford to make the switch to organic foods is to work for them. Once harvesting begins I will be earning a significant portion of our grocery bill so I must keep going.


I have such a wide variety of things going on in my life that I am finding it hard to give a good update here. I have a lot of little writing things going on and possibly some grant writing. I did a test article on about chickens( and I earned a bit of money. I believe it could generate a good side income if I were to work on more articles. I just have not found the time to work on it yet. That is not entirely true I have had time I just have not felt like a human most of the time. Either I push myself too much with the labor or I am sick and then there are just days where I can't seem to organize my time.

Chickens and Dogs

My dog has started to get used to the chickens and we let them out a lot more. They are getting big and they can't get out unless they fly out. Thus far they have not tried to fly up very high unless they are attempting to get back into their coop. Asuka, my German shepherd, has decided the chickens are less important than playing with her toys in the yard. We don't leave her out alone with the chickens but as long as we are out there she does great. Sometimes she can't seem to help chasing them but she has not tried to bite them in quite some time.

 Farm and Garden

Well as I said before I am working on the farm for food. I work two days a week and it takes me at least an hour and a half to travel there 2x a week. So it takes up a large portion of those days. I would like to work up to getting more hours in on those days but that will have to wait until I am feeling better.

I also have some plants on my porch and in my yard that need tending. I have a few nice boxes with salad greens, a tomato plant and and some onions and herbs on the porch. We have strawberries under the roses in the back and on the side of the house. This is the third year on the strawberries and they are looking great! We found a spot for two pablano pepper plants and a roma tomato plant outside as well.

Then there is the huge garden at my moms with carrots, three types of onions, two types of radishes, garlic, green beans, spinach, at least 5 types of peppers, 5 types of tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini. With all the veggies we are growing and the ones I am getting from working I should be able to freeze and can some of it for the winter. I am really excited and hope that everything grows well.

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  1. Sounds like you have a lot of things going on… I hope you feel better soon.