Thursday, May 5, 2011

Long Days

Busy Bee That's Me
Well I have to go get ready for an all day grant writing seminar today. I am excited to go but I am rather tired. We spent a large part of yesterday building a chicken coop with my hubby's grandpa. I felt like an idiot because I was not able to help much. I was able to hold stuff and hand them stuff but I failed miserably at the building part. I don't know how to use power tools that are not designed for the kitchen.

After the seminar I may have to go directly to my moms to work in the garden area. Friday is free at this point and I will have to use that time to work on my many writing assignments and catch up on my blogs and maybe some reading as well. I will also need to get some yard work done and I have chickens to care for.

I am just moving a lot lately and I have a bunch to write about but can't seem to find the right amount of time to sit and write. Hopefully since I am glued to the chair on Saturday I will come up with something and just edit it during the week.


  1. I hope you find time to write, I know it is hard. Life seems to get even busier when you need to write, instead of wanting to write. I wish you a happy mother’s day… a day fill with peace and quiet so you can write.

  2. I'm going through to visit all of your blogs... and adding them to my roll.

    I wish I could do more to help. I've been letting so many things get in the way of my writing lately, but I think you have more on your plate than I.