Monday, March 28, 2011

Zombie Head Today

Zombie Head is what I call that daze I wake up in when I didn't get a great nights sleep or I am sick and just can't wake up. This morning I had Zombie Head but it is gone now. Last week my hubby and I watched The Walking Dead: Season One and I have been having zombie dreams. I did get more sleep last night than I did after we watched the episode where they put zombie guts on themselves.

I like all kinds of creepy stuff and I can watch a dozen vampire movies and not have disturbing dreams but every time I watch a zombie show I have vivid dreams. Sometimes they are scary sometimes they are just like watching a show. I had one a few nights ago about finding a cure for the "disease" but it was only saving a small percent of the infected. You shot it in the brain and it either killed the zombie or returned it to a human state. Then if you survived the brain injury you might become yourself again. Rather ridiculous if you think about it but that is where good writing material comes from I suppose. I am going to have to get a pen and paper and put it beside the bed to write this stuff down.

I hope to get up with only mild Zombie Head tomorrow or maybe just the normal morning haze that dissipates quickly with a few cups of coffee because I have a lot of things I need to do. I have a lot of writing I want to do. I have plans to start that today but I want to stay on track by creating a writing schedule. I plan to work on some pieces for the writing sites (HubPages and Associated Content) that I don't really get paid for but I could use on my resume. I also have an article due at London Brokers and I need to get that done today. Then  I have a book review I need to do for Literary Lunes a free magazine for writers. I only have 14 hours for the article I need done today the others either don't have a deadline or it is much later in the month. I hope to get everything I can done this week as I push myself to live my dream.

So here is the deal I am going to kill the Negativity Beast! I am going to slay it with my magic sword of determination. I am going to chop it to little tiny pieces so it never bothers me again. I am going to start writing and getting paid for it. I am going to work hard and become an excellent writer. I am not going to let rejection get me down I am going to use it to make me stronger! I am going to win!

A special thanks to Jen Whitten and her awesome blog The Positive Piper that has given me the tools to change my life!

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