Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Cleaning

The last few days I have been away from my computer most of the time. Spring cleaning here is both house cleaning and organizing my life. I get a lot more done when I keep the computer shut off so I am limiting my time on digital devices until I get my daily chores done.

I likely have over a month left at my job and I will work one 12.5 hour Saturday each week until the find a replacement for me. That means I should have some income so I can focus on doing all the chores I have put off for years. I can get the house spotless and reorganized and the garage and basement cleaned. I can set writing goals and work to get a paying gig.

I started my official spring cleaning of the house yesterday. I was up on my feet and busy almost all day. I am sad to say I am really sore but it feels like I accomplished something. I have a lot more to do but things are looking much better. I have things broken down into tasks for each room and I finished the living room yesterday and most of the front porch. I think I have bruises on my knees from moping the floor on my hands and knees so I could get under the radiators and all the baseboards.

Enough of the actual cleaning commentary, I did use some of my time to enjoy the outdoors. I went for a morning walk with the dog on the nice days. My hubby also joined us for evening walks. I have been trying to work out some stories in my head as I walk. Sadly I keep forgetting to write them down when I come home. They are usually silly stories but they would provide me with a starting point. I also try to put what I see into words while I walk....well when the dog is being good. I try to describe the birds and the squirrels in as many different ways as I possibly can. I do great while I am out there and then it is all gone when I sit down to type.

My hubby has been great with encouraging me to write so I need to set aside some time to actually write. He has requested a story about a goat and a ninja and I am having trouble figuring out how to fit both in a story.  I have been reading about writing so much that I have neglected the actual writing part. A wise author told me I was confusing the roles of writer and editor. I don't need to know all the rules to write a good story or article. I need to know them when I edit my material. I need to be a writer first and an editor second. 

So after I finish cleaning today and get a little workout in I am going to spend at least an hour writing something other than my daily journal entry. I don't care if it is not good yet I can work that out later.

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