Friday, March 11, 2011

Diet and Exercise Progress

My new exercise program involves walking the dog as much as I can. We both need it so on my days off I have been walking her an hour in the morning and again in the evening.

It snowed last night so my hope is for it to melt by noon and we can go for a walk. I would go anyway if I had a pair of boots that didn't give me giant blisters.

So I am not doing great on my diet. I am not doing bad most days but now that I am more active I just get really freaking hungry. Then I make bad choices because I want something now. I have not gained any weight but I am staying steady at about 6 pounds of weight loss since starting Weight Watchers.

I quit my job, well sort of so I will have plenty of time to work out. I told them I would be looking for different job. I felt bad about leaving but I couldn't keep lying to myself about liking the job. It was really wearing on me. Now they will try to replace me but I let them know I could work until then on my regular shift only. I could have work for a month or just a week. I don't know but I can find something where  I don't have to answer suicide and abuse calls. It was only a fraction of the calls each one are still on my mind. It will probably take me months to stop thinking about them.

I think I didn't want to quit because of all the nice people that worked there. I would have loved another job at this agency but this one was not for me. That is okay the search is on for a new part time job. One where I go to work and do my job and at the end of the day I leave my work there.

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  1. Having someone on your side while exercising is better. Thanks a lot for sharing that information.