Saturday, February 5, 2011

Plans Ruined by Snow Today

Well we got another blast of snow here. I was going to use one of my gift cards and go out to eat tonight with the hubby. As long as it isn't fast food I can usually find a good grilled chicken salad or something that is not too bad for me that tastes really good. Instead I had two pieces of a frozen pizza.  I still have only had 1205 calories today so I didn't do too bad. I am going to have a glass of milk after I work out again tonight or maybe a yogurt.

I did sort of a work out today. I didn't get my heart rate up really high but I did a lot of stretching and yoga stuff while watching television. I also kicked it up a little with some boxing moves at times but not too much I did that for almost an hour and a half. I am going do more later and get my heart rate up higher. I didn't do my workout yesterday so I felt like I had to do something.

Well tomorrow is another day.

1 comment:

  1. Snow sucks... sure it great for Christmas-but thats it.

    I hope it works out, best of luck.