Saturday, September 18, 2010

Worked A Ton This Week

I worked three days at the office this week instead of two. I will do that again next week because the other woman went on vacation. I also applied for some freelance writing jobs and received a few replies. They all paid based on web traffic and referrals. I don't think they will make much so I spent some time researching and found that was pretty reputable. I am working on a few articles and I will be their Toledo German Shepherd examiner. I know it is not the best place to earn money but it is a start and it is a place I will be able to send potential employers.

I know a few people that I can interview about German Shepherds and I am sure they can send me to others. I also know a few dog trainers and I can talk to my vet. I am not sure how much traffic something like that will bring but I am all over it and I will make it work.

I will soon have 2-3 posts ready for Your Dark Passenger as well. They started as one post and that got out of control so now I have to figure out how to separate it. Then I have to make them perfect before I post them.

My sister got a job and she is moving out of my moms house this weekend so I have to let her come pick up some of the things she had in storage here. I also have to clean and look at houses this weekend so it will be a busy one. I am actually kind of happy to have a lot going on i just wish I could spread it out a little more. Oh well that is life there are busy times and slow times and you can't always chose.

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  1. Good luck...

    I like to do the least possible, unlike you who needs to be pushed/busy.

    you're right it's a start and a good place to biuld your style and get to understand how writing for someone else works.