Saturday, September 11, 2010

Love My Awesome Hubby!

Three days this week my husband and I walked the dog. One day at Wildwood park and two days in our neighborhood. Each walk was over an hour and a half long. We talked about work, dogs, houses, and career changes. Yet another reason in my life to be happy.

Ryan (my hubby) has also worked his tail off this week. He worked on the holiday, 8 extra hours during the week and a 12 hour weekend shift. He knows how much I would like to move and he has been accepting more over time. I really wanted to acknowledge publicly that my husband is a great hardworking guy.

I spent today cleaning and looking for freelance writing jobs. I need to find a few jobs to start a portfolio. I am going to work hard and make my dream of working mostly from home a reality. I don't know exactly what that looks like right now but with my knowledge and skills I would be very good at writing for a non-profit social service organization. I will be volunteering again soon and that will help me with real world social service experience. My degree makes me qualified to take on more responsibility than the average volunteer. This week will be a learning experience for me as I am going to try hard to have a good attitude in the face of stepping into uncharted waters. I am going to change my life one day at a time.

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  1. That’s the outlook you need to have to succeed... glad things are going good with your hubby.

    Best wishes