Saturday, July 3, 2010

So Tired I Could Sleep For a Week

So I have been working on many things the last two weeks. I have been out to help with things like cleaning a goat stall that held two goats and had not been cleaned for quite some time. I loaded the back of a pick up truck three times. I then spent half another spraying round-up around all the fences and trees and I didn't get it all before I left. I also put a dent in the truck that I was driving which will put me behind on my saving schedule.  I did get to take my dog with me on the day I cleaned the stalls and she had a blast playing with goats from the other side of there fence, running around and chasing cats up trees. I enjoyed the work though I have to say I am thought I might change my mind once I got to doing the work but it feels great to come home tired and to have a more relaxed dog. It really feels like something I would love to do.

I have been trying to reconnect with the God I believe in and some amazing things have been happening. I believe it is God but even if isn't I feel better. I feel less stressed and I feel like I am starting to see new light. I can make it through a day at my paying job and not feel like shooting myself when I get home. Maybe it is just that I am doing more things I am enjoying in my free time. I have had more opportunities to do things I enjoy though since I started reading my Bible again and praying so for me it is not coincidence. I also have had 3 requests for showings on the duplex and a job interview that would pay me to work around animals with the possibility of me taking my dog to work. I have really been feeling relaxed more often especially when I am out on working on the farm. I get anxious mostly when I try to figure out how I am going to make the money to get a farm of my own and at least quit the day job that makes me stressed out. Maybe the farm thing means I should keep that job because I am less stressed out anyway.

I have also somehow in the last few weeks managed to say the right things to get my hubby to understand me more. I want him to help me with planning goals that doesn't mean they can't change and maybe he was just worried that I meant whatever we planned had to be done now or was not flexible. I don't know but he seems to at least be on board for now. He never has before and now I just need to get a second job so he knows that I am super serious about this. Everything really depends on our savings plans because we don't want a large loan no matter where or when we move. He can work more overtime and I can work two or three jobs but we don't want to have no life. We still need time to spend with each other. So we are going to have to balance things.

My hubby has decided it was a wise step to get different life insurance that costs less than half what we were paying for a lot more coverage. I love my insurance agent for car and home insurance but I think his prices and policies for life insurance are outrageous. As long as I live in Ohio I will have him as my agent for other things but I had to shop around for this. We have our exams next week so I won't cancel until they new insurance is in place. That will save us over $650 more a year. We have cut so much out of our budget we are starting to look a little crazy. A rough estimate on what we will be saving a year since I started cutting the budget is about $3000 dollars. I am really rather excited about being able to save more money towards our farm fund. Oh did I mention my paying job that was going to disappear instead gave me more hours. How is that for a miracle.

So I still have more work to do around this house today and I am going to take it easy this holiday weekend. I have some other stuff going on as well but I think I will save it for another post.

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