Saturday, February 6, 2010

Weight Loss

Well the weight loss is still going slow. I am at 5.5 pounds lost right now but my legs are noticeably thinner so I believe I am gaining muscle in them. My husband asked me if I got new pants the other day and pulled at the side of them because they were getting baggy. They were the only pair of jeans I could still fit into. I guess I should be able to try a few more pairs now.

I have done well with my diet and didn't use many of my Weight Watchers flex points or my activity points. Which was really good because my husband made me a coffee cake this morning and got my coffee ready. I could actually enjoy it without worrying about it being five points for a little piece. I ate two pieces and it was 10 points. I only get 22 points a day and I should earn an extra five on the treadmill today. I have a 5 point dinner planned but I don't see how I can eat just 5 shrimp so I will eat one serving and then see how hungry I am but I am expecting to eat a serving and a half.

I am feeling pretty good though I am not exhausted all the time anymore. I am still fighting food cravings but not as bad as they were. I only get really tired when I don't sleep well and that is normal. I have been getting more done around the house as well as working a little and working out. Things are looking up with my health and that seems to be making so many of the other areas of my life better.

I do wish I could see more pounds coming off but I finally took my measurements two days ago. I am going to take those once a week.

I am looking at buying a new weight machine or a good set of free weights. The one I have is built for a 6 foot tall man. I can't use most of it the way it is meant to be used it doesn't adjust to my size. Does any one have any recommendations? I am a 5 foot 1 inch tall woman. I need to price them and save for one. I need to sell the old one too. It was my parents and it is at least 20 years old so it isn't worth much. I will probably put it up for 100 dollars as it works fine and people on craigslist want to negotiate.


  1. This is what i would recommend to anyone wanting to work out at home...

    Also, you need to be thinking i have not gain any wieght and i am looking better... forget the wieght, don't even bother to wiegh yourself. it's not owrth it...

  2. That is if you have a door to hook it to that allows you to work out with it. some houses just don't have door is good locations for this peice of equipment.