Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Crappy Friday

Warning men that read this blog skip to the second me you don't want to read the first one.

Well I had plans to get on the treadmill yesterday but it is that time of the month and it was heavy and I had the cramps from hell. This made me want to sit on my couch and do nothing but I decided to try and drop a lot of cards. So I was double because this should not have been a problem. I was on a birth control that stopped my cycle for about 11 years. I was taken off of it after a hip fracture last year at 31. I had an operation to prevent pregnancy and was also supposed to have an ablation (not sure how to spell that) which was supposed to stop heavy bleeding. My doctor didn't think I needed it so she just didn't do it.  So now if I want this done I will have to satisfy my 2000 dollars in up front medical expenses again. There was a point in getting these things done at the same time but she wanted to wait and see if I had bad periods again.

So I am done with that rant I am sorry to any bloggers who I may have commented on when I was super moody please accept my apology and feel free to delete my comments. There was something else I noticed yesterday when I looked at blogs that I commented on. Some people don't approve or delete comments they don't like. I have made some polite comments on blogs where I don't share the bloggers opinion and I have been deleted. I suppose that is the persons prerogative but I never thought of doing that. Well unless someone was downright nasty. I actually like to hear when a person doesn't like a book I like or disagrees with my weight loss plan. I don't have to change my mind but my readers don't have to think like me either. Usually when I make a comment other than yesterday that disagree with I try to do so with respect to the writer. I guess you can't win everything it just feels like I waste my time sometimes. I have been trying to comment on posts that stick out to me and on blogs I really enjoy reading.

I tried to get into my WoW game again and I am still frustrated I just keep getting killed and I have no motivation to get past that because I it takes so long to walk anywhere after you die. I wish I could just teleport then I would play more but I am rather sick of having to travel forever to get to anything. So that didn't make my mood any better.

So after a day of feeling like crap I am going to get on the treadmill again today I have too because I am going to eat pizza tonight. We are celebrating Valentines day today and I saved all of my flex points for today so I can eat as much pizza as I want and maybe a little dessert if I want. I was thinking I might make something sweet for my hubby and have a little myself but who knows it is only ten thirty right now and he doesn't get up until about three or four.


  1. I had my tubes tied and an ablation last July. It's still isn't right yet.

    As for comments being not approved, I just noticed a bunch of comments in my spam folder, they weren't spam but new comments from people who had never commented before. I just don't check my spam often. If I had a disagreeable comment I would certainly keep it. Mean and nasty I'd probably delete it. Or, I'd make fun of them.

  2. I agree with gen...

    and i hope your weekend gets better.

  3. Thanks Jen I never thought of comments being in the spam folder. I get some of mine in there but I check it a lot.