Thursday, February 25, 2010

Goint ToWork Today

I spent an hour on the Treadmill today early this morning. Then I read my email devotions and spent some time in prayer and typing in my journal. I feel pretty good this morning and I still have a little time before I have to get into work clothes and leave.

I am down another half pound today to make my total weight loss thus far 10.5 pounds from 165 to 154.5. I am determined to get back to 120 at this point. I have spent a few days cleaning a closet and a spare room filled with memories of when I was thin. I was only 97 pounds when I graduated from high school I was very thin but I really didn't have much muscle. So I really don't care if I get there again. I do however want to get as close to the 110 that I was five or so years ago or maybe six I really can't remember exactly when that was but my goal is now set at getting to and staying at 120 pounds or less. I don't want to be a body builder just toned up and not weak so I should not have the kind of muscle weight a man would put on.

I know it is not good to not be able to be confident when you are overweight but I am there. I feel like I was taken seriously and liked better when I was thin. I don't really think it was because I was thin but more because of the way I felt when I was thin. I felt healthy and more alive and so much more confident. I was also more disciplined in every area of my life so I felt like I was accomplishing goals. I really just feel like a big blob right now. I have no one to blame but my self and my laziness and I have to change it no matter what. I have no shape except kind of round. I am starting to see a waist again but not much I think the next 10 pounds will really make a difference though so we will see. I have to change a lot of things not just my weight. I need to keep my house up as well as be a better wife and friend. When I get lazy I don't just gain weight I stop doing most anything productive. I kind of give up on most things but I am going to work to change that.

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  1. Keep it going... never give up. you'll get there, i have faith.

    hope work turns out ok, hope it all works out.