Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Healthy for Life My Story

It really has been a long time since I have updated any of my many blogs. I have been working hard to change my life and made many personal discoveries. I have had to face many obstacles and have come out with a new vision.

I started my weight loss journey again several years ago. I was down to a good healthy weight and had kept it off for quite some time give or take a few pounds. Then as a 31 year old I had an accident and broke my hip and I was hoping to get right back up and spend a lot of time walking the dog and on the treadmill and in roller skating and other activities I really enjoyed. Well that didn't happen walking on the pavement still hurts and skating is kind of scary because I can't find a great place to go with a clean enough area to skate in. The treadmill I can do now but at first it hurt like hell and it really upset me so I gave up.

I drown my fear and anxiety in food, and activities that kept my mind off of the obvious issues and my booty on the couch. I was really depressed and lost all confidence. One day I had had it and started back despite the physical limitations deciding a slow steady walk on the treadmill was better than sitting on the couch and I worked my way up to more intensity and got a gym membership and moved on to weights and cardio fitness. I dropped about 20 pounds. I am never sure what I weighed at my heaviest because I refused to weigh until about a month or so after that life changing day.

Then I got stuck and discouraged and I tried many things with my diet that I now believe were just silly. Not that shakes and supplements are all bad but I really don't think anyone needs them to be healthy. Then I decided that maybe the workout's I was doing were not helping that much anymore. I was still in the overweight category and I decided to look for something fun to do. Something that would leave me disappointed when I couldn't make it. I found pole dance fitness and I was finally motivated to go to class as it has both cardio and strength training in one and I have never once felt like the class was 70-90 minutes long. Okay maybe the first month I when I was worn out at about 45 minutes it seemed kind of long but once I built up the strength I was so motivated to just move to the next level. I lost another 25 pounds in less than 6 months!

I kept thinking to myself I want to do this for a living, but instead I signed up with another direct sales company to try to cut the expenses of going to every possible class I could at the dance studio. I still didn't believe that I could do something like teach health and fitness for a living. I have performed with the studio in front of live audiences and still didn't believe in myself. I started to gain a little of the weight back over the holidays and started feeling a little depressed again and even participating in some of the old eating for comfort behaviors I thought I had kicked. About 5 pounds later I was starting to feel it in my clothes and decided there was no way I was going back there again and I kicked it back in to high gear the last two weeks of February up to today. I am pleased to say the weight is gone already and I am feeling better again because I am eating well and exercising.

For the first time in my life I didn't let that failure overcome me and it pushed me to take a plunge into a new carreer. Last Monday I signed up to become an ACE personal trainer and I have plans to get at least at least one more of the ACE certifications and to learn to teach Pole and other forms of dance fitness.

I like the direct sales company I work for now but it is not my ultimate goal and I had to overcome some issues the last few weeks. I work with a food company and the main focus is really on the unhealthy items so I was feeling conflicted. I decided to put that aside and focus more on the healthy items and even healthier preparation of items that are though of as traditionally unhealthy.  I am feeling renewed in my business and in my life!

I thought I would share this story and also have a record for myself to see how far I have come. I am not sure about my exact weight I don't monitor it all the time right now because I have been at healthy weight for some time now and I tend to gain muscle and get frustrated by the scale sometimes. I measure more by the way my clothes fit and the size 4 jeans that were getting tight a little less than a month ago are starting to get a little loose and that is a great feeling!

I am going to prove that anyone who puts there mind to something can do it. One of my goals even with the metal in my leg is to get a flat split in at least one direction. With my injury I am proceeding slow and with caution but I am almost all the way down in a front split with my left leg in front and more than half with the right in front. I am sure I will be able to perfect the front split if I keep at it and don't push too hard. Then we will see about the straddle. One goal on working the injured leg at a time.

Then the other goal is to prove that anyone can get those nice looking abs if they just work hard enough. I know I can but I also know it will take a ton of work on my part and I need to kick up the cardio because when I work my abs I can feel the muscle under them. I want to loose the fat so I can also see that muscle.

If you made it this far I hope my story has inspired you from now on this blog will be about my healthy lifestyle and helping others adopt a healthy life. Feel free to ask me questions I am here to help!

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