Monday, February 20, 2012

Trying to write...

Today I have been thinking and praying about some things in my life and I really miss writing. I journal and I write or type many of my prayers but it just seems that I am not doing enough. This has always been my personal blog and it is about to become more of a diary just not as much detail as my personal journals.

So what I have been working on is my sales businesses   and getting back in shape. I was doing well with the workout and exercise plan and then hit a big giant stand still. I consulted with some experts and a trainer and they said I was not eating enough calories for the work outs I was doing. I was also working with my heart rate too elevated and with too few calories I ended up burning any muscle I was trying to build and my body was storing fat because it felt deprived of fuel.

What did I do after that? I quit watching my calories and kept working out but I was just fed up with the whole thing. I went to a trainer and she showed me that I was working out wrong and to get toned up I had to lift weights with lighter weights and slow down the sets and hold at the point where the most burn is going on. Well that seemed to be working I quit weighing but my waist seemed to be getting smaller and my legs were toning up in just a week. Although I am sure some of that was from what I was doing before but then I got sick! I was down for about a week!!! Nothing but bad for me food tasted good and I got all out of sorts and today is my first real day back at the gym. I went one day last week and thought I might pass out so I figured I would wait.

I walked the dog yesterday to get back up and moving but I spent like two full days in bed or on the couch before that. I go back today and I am hoping to get my regular 90 minutes in but we will just play it by how I am feeling. I don't want to pass out or get sick again because I pushed it too hard.

I started selling Scentsy products in addition to my Avon and Herbalife sales but I am still struggling to build business some weeks are great and some are not so great. I have some great loyal customers but I am trying to figure out some incentive program for referrals. Scentsy is more of a party business but people can buy online or order individually you can click on the links to see what the wickless candles are and what kind of scents you can get.

I have had some issues with feeling like a failure lately nothing I do seems to work right but if I am honest with myself some of it is just me. I just loose my motivation when I am overwhelmed and I really don't know what to do. It is like I am paralyzed and can't do anything. I am going to make an appointment tomorrow to get tested for ADD or ADHD and as it runs in my family and I have like 80% of the symptoms for ADD I figure that might be some of my problem. I don't really want to take a pill but learn better coping strategies. I look at my life from the outside sometimes and I know that there is nothing wrong with my life but I don't always know why I can't be successful at much of anything. I think it is time to seek some help.

Even if I don't have those disorders maybe they can point me in the right direction. I have so much trouble focusing on things. I have to stop and delete sentences as I post this so I can stay on topic. I loose my train of thought constantly and I am constantly interrupting people when I think of something I don't want to forget to tell them. I am thinking my inconsistent behavior and forgetfulness may be costing me sales not to mention hurting other relationships.

I love the sales businesses because I love the products and I love meeting people but I have trouble organizing things so they will run smoothly. Well hope all is well with everyone out there blogging! Now that my hubby is back to work I should have more time to visit my blogs and get things moving along.

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