Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Herbalife for Weightloss

Trial Period Starting Soon

My starter package from Herbalife is in the mail and I am hoping it will get here today. I would like to start the program tomorrow. The program doesn't seem that hard as far as I can tell there are many options for the shakes and the snacks. I will be getting a lot of veggies from the farm I am working on and I can use them as snacks.

To be more clear on the weight loss program you are encouraged to take their herbal tablets 3 times a day, and replace two meals a day with shakes. You are also encouraged to have two healthy snacks. I am pretty sure organic fresh picked veggies will be included in that.

The great thing is that according to the label on the website I can use these shakes because they don't have artificial sweeteners in them. I have never been able to do a program like this because the shakes gave me migraines. The best thing is that once I reach my goal weight I can go to one shake a day and continue with the supplements. I have not tried them yet but I may have to get creative on my farm days. I get really hungry when I do physical labor so I am thinking those days might be one shake days at first but I will play it by ear and pack a healthy lunch. If I am famished when I get home then I will have a healthy dinner as well if not I will have a shake.

Soon to be Herbalife Distributor 
I am really motivated to try this program because if I get good results I will be able to share my story with potential clients. So I am going to document my progress here on this blog. I am very excited to try the products and to sell them. They have a line of all natural skin care products I would love to try as well. I am working through my training right now and I hope to be able to share a website with you soon. I will keep you updated and if your are interested in products let me know.

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