Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Exhausted but Feeling Better

Farming Fun

Yesterday I spent my usual five hours at the farm. It flew by as I met new people and got to know a little about each of there lives. I dug holes for herbs in two long beds and now my hole digging arm is killing me. I have a raw spot on my thumb but no blisters this time. City life has done little to prepare me for the life of a farmer.

I also found a tick on me at the cook out at my moms house. I freaked out a little bit when I saw it and and threw it but that is the first tick I have ever seen. I was not so crazy when I went looking for it. Somehow it got on my hubby's knee when he bent down to look for it. So now I know that I need to have my hubby check me in the spots that I can't see for ticks each time I come home.

Loosing Weight
All this work has left me with little time to worry about what to snack on next or working out. That combination has brought me to a place where I have lost about five pounds in about 3 weeks. So I am pretty happy about the results. I am thinking the first side effect of farming is sore muscles and the second is weight loss. It doesn't seem to be a quick weight lose program but it seems to be rather effective. Not only am I loosing weight but I feel stronger and I can do more each time I go.

While I am tired today I feel much better than I have the last 11 days and that really helps me to see all the good in my life. I love my life right now and I am happy to be alive.


  1. Amen... I am very happy for you. Try and remember this feeling once the blues return.