Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Review

I am not really going to review anything except my week and my motives. First I may not have to spend a small fortune repairing the duplex but it may end up costing me the money I saved this month cutting the cable and phone. Not bad but I am actually more excited to see the balance of my farm fund go up than anything lately.

I am really trying to figure out how to save a lot of money without making my hubby feel like he has to sacrifice everything. I waited until he turned the air on and I didn't complain when he did. We have a lot of doors in this house so we are closing all of them and just cooling the main living area. My kitchen is could roast something without even turning the oven on but I don't care I will just cook on the grill. He doesn't really want to sell any cars but he knows he should sell the one that has sit in the garage for more than three years now. It moved when we did but that is it. I do like to keep three cars but the fourth one really needs to go. As it is there are two cars in the garage and two in the drive way and no space for guests.  I don't mind that he has a toy either they are all paid for cars so it is not a payment I am worried about but I do think it would be nice to put one of our daily drivers in the garage I even told him we can put that money in a separate fund and buy another car for him to race when we can afford the repairs and when we have more room and time for it.

So that is enough complaining about cars. Right now we have two Dodge Stealth's TT (one stock one modified) and a 1999 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 as well as our Jeep. I like them all but it is not practical to keep the modified one and let it sit for years on end.

In other news I mowed the lawn yesterday and I tried to use the edger thing to make the lawn in the front look nice. I am either just plain stupid or the thing is broken. I have never been shown how to use one before but I tried it and it didn't do a thing but make a lot of noise. So I got down on my hands and knees and just pulled the grass up. It has never been done so it took me a long time just to get one stretch of walkway so it looks like I will have to borrow a better machine or just do it a little each week.

I have not been working out either which is really bad but I have been doing so much house and yard work that I seem to be maintaining the previous weight loss so I am not going to fuss about it. I just dread the thought of going upstairs without air and getting on a work out machine. Now that the downstairs is cooled I may get on the treadmill for a bit. I do miss my elliptical though and have had thoughts of getting on it is just the heat holding me back now. Maybe I should just go up there and work out for 20 minute bursts.

I am just not motivated enough yet for my goals to all be accomplished but I am getting there it seems like I just can't get all the things I want done. I think I am going to write another post on the reasons I would love to have a farm and maybe how to accomplish more in one day since I have been super lazy compared to what a farmer would have to do.

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  1. you are right to dspose of things u don't really use