Friday, April 16, 2010

Feeling Pretty Good

Well with the last few days being a little crazy and me working out a lot and gaining weight I thought I would finally take some measurements again. I decided to do this because I had some measurements from a few months back to compare them to and I have just about had it with the scale.

So I start with my arms and no change and I take a few new measurements bust and chest then move on to the waist and still no change. Then I do my hips and i have lost a full two inches in my hips!!! I measure my right thigh and I have lost an inch. So my suspicion about where I was loosing the fat was right.

I am still frustrated that the scale is stuck around 152 but I am encouraged that at least something is positive happening. I have worked out every day since Sunday April 11th and averaging at least 3 days a week before that but many more most weeks so I have not been slacking off most of the time. I have been working hard this week and I do believe now that I am gaining muscle and just not loosing much of the fat yet. I worked out 99 minutes on the elliptical today and 60 yesterday and 99 the day before. I only got 45 minutes on on Tuesday but 99 in on Monday and 90 Sunday. It will only let me set it for 99 minutes so that is what I do when I can. I am thinking I might add a half an hour some days in the evening a few hours before bed. I have to fight with my husband for it in the evening. I come home and cook myself some dinner and he gets on the elliptical by the time he is done it is getting late and I can't sleep right after a work out. This from the guy who thought our treadmill was good enough. Not a complaint just a statement I am glad he wants to use it I will just have to find the right time maybe I could skip dinner and have a very light snack and then eat after. I will have to think on that one.
Well I am really feeling like reading something kind of sexy and vampy so I may just be off to spend some time with a sexy Night Huntress.

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