Thursday, November 19, 2009

Three More Weeks of Class Left

I have class on Monday next week and then the rest of the week off and then two more weeks. I don't think that I have anything exam week but I do have one take home final. I have no idea if he will pass it out on the last day of class and collect it exam week or not. I am actually excited about classes being over so I can focus on some reading and writing that I want to do.

I will also be able to set up a good workout routine. I will have a few months before I go back to work full time so I plan to get into better shape during that time. I also plan to try some new healthy recipes while I have time to cook. When you are on the go all the time and don't have a lot of recipes to choose from you end up with out a plan for healthy meals.

I have been made myself an electronic journal to write my daily thoughts and activities. I am also using it to practice my typing. I am really thinking sometimes I put off writing even though I love to do it because I am only okay at typing. So I have even tried listening to music and typing it because it has some breaks.

I even have a Pure Romance party on December 5th where I hope to make some of my money I put into the business back. I hope to book a few more parties from that as well. I am working on some financial goals for my business mostly I want to make some money after all the expenses. If I can make the money I put in it back and then some maybe I will start to feel better about it. If I try harder and benefit then I can work on bigger goals.


  1. Agreed, put your profits back and plan it out. And it should work out for you. Pocket your original investment money and then invest the profits of course... so you can lose money.

    Like I said mid December I’ll by a few gifts from your site... thx